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Today @ MAND – Reflections in November

November 20th, 2020

Are you a new dietitian? Still a student? A career changer? Today we reflect on Quynh’s road less traveled and catch up with Aliza as she finishes her studies. And just hopefully, one of these stories inspires you to nominate a colleague for a MAND award or honor by January 15th, 2021! Lastly, Socials for […]

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Today @ MAND – Public Policy in November

November 12th, 2020

Time to give thanks and take a breath. It has been a whirlwind of a month. There was snow, an election, soar in COVID cases, 70° weather… and it is only mid-November. So whether you take a breath by enjoying a fall hike or walk, whipping up a recipe with honeynut squash, seeing family or […]

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Today @ MAND – November 2019

November 19th, 2019

MAND BLOG National School Lunch Week: What’s On Your Playlist? Celebrated Across the Nation By Shennie Quintanilla, MS, RDN School lunch is not what it used to be in yesteryears. Districts across the nation are cooking scratch-made tasty meals, enhancing culinary skills, reducing food waste, and supporting local agriculture. School districts are hiring more and […]

Posted by: Maureen Kelly Gonsalves

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President's Welcome

Message from Outgoing MAND President, Sangeeta Pradhan

Hello RD and NDTR friends,

As my term as President draws to a close, I am filled with an immense sense of gratitude to be given the incredible honor of serving as your President. I ask for your indulgence as I share a few parting words with you.

Everything about food and nutrition inspires and energizes me. Do you feel the same way? This innocuous entity called food holds the power to transform health, to be a game changer, and to arguably change the course of chronic disease. Which itself is awe-inspiring!

And RDs are uniquely positioned to be stewards of that change!

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There are no job opportunities posted at this time.

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MDEF Scholarships

For 2024, MDEF will be giving out two MDEF scholarships and one MDEF Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) scholarship to deserving nutrition students, each in the amount of $1500. Please pass along to any nutrition students or interns who may be eligible to apply!

All applications are due by May 31st